Dr. Dada Ogunnaike, a 31-year old trado-medical orthopaedic practitioner who hails from Igbara Odo town practically observed and learnt the science from in-depth observation and practice from his grandfather, Chief Ogunnaike. In this interview with https://www.nigeriafilms.com, the orthopaedic and spinal cord specialist, promised to heal Yinka Ayefele of his spinal cord injury without an advance consultation fee. Excerpts:

Q: How did it all start?
A: My grandfather was a very famous trado-medical orthopedic doctor in my town, Igbara Odo, Ekiti State. As a little boy of seven years, my grandfather used to take me along any time he wanted to go into the bush to fetch his herbs for healing. He used to teach me the names of leaves and roots used for trado-medical healing. It might surprise you to know that leaves have their names like we human beings. Human beings and plants also have many things in common, e.g. our oxygen and carbon dioxide process reveals how God had already put nature in charge of solutions to our health problems. This is why animals don’t need a doctor in the forest before they are healed of their ailments or don’t they fall sick? For instance, you hit a goat with a big stick and probably break the leg, once the goat enters the bush, it will get a herbal solution to the pain and the broken leg without asking you, the enemy, for a doctor.

Q: Under your grandfather’s tutelage, was it easy all through?
A: No, because my grandfather was a polygamist with many children. At a time, things were not easy, so I had to leave Igbara Odo in Ekiti State to stay with my mother and sister. Meanwhile, things were not also easy with my mother financially. While in Lagos, at the age of 15, I had to drop my orthopaedic practice due to lack of funds to rent an accommodation. Secondly, it was out of my interest to support my mother, whose cocoa buying business had been crippled due to lack of financial support.

Therefore, to make ends meet, I had to start driving a commuter bus (Danfo) just to survive financially. Later, I went into metal fabrication apprenticeship, but despite all my efforts to survive, it was one problem after another, till one day, I had to wake my wife at midnight only to let her know about my resolve to go back into my orthopaedic trado-medical practice, which I felt was a calling and I was already vast in the knowledge and practice.

My wife then advised me to go back to my grandfather for my final apprenticeship, freedom, certificate and blessings before I can start my own practice. Determined, I went back home to Igbara Odo in Ekiti State. I did according to my wife’s advice by officially gaining my freedom from my grandfather. In my bid to actualize my dreams as in trado-medical orthopaedic practice, I had to leave the second time for Lagos. While in Lagos, I once again started with transportation, just to be able to raise some funds so that I can establish my clinic. One day, while on my regular bus trips, I came across an accident with some casualties and some people with broken legs and hands, and then out of pity, I had to discharge my passengers to help the victims. I took two people to my house and treated them successfully. In less than a month, they were healthy.

Q: Was it all on charity?
A: No, after that first treatment and out of appreciation, people started recommending me and references started coming from some orthopaedic hospitals like Igbobi Orthopaedic Hospital and UCH, Ibadan, amongst others. Then I was able to raise some funds to rent an apartment around Agbado, off Ishaga Crossing. I started initially from home before I began to make an impact, then the people in Agbado area started advertising me and to the glory of God, I was able to make more money to rent a five-bedroom apartment at Itoki Bus Stop in Ifo Local Government Ogun State.

Q: Which is your memorable day?
A: The day I will never forget was the day some people wrote a petition against me, that I do remove bullets for armed robbers, which was not true. It was an unfounded allegation. I knew it was from my detractors who never knew how God uses me to work wonders on broken bones, paralysis and spinal cord injuries. Some never believed it was possible but with all thanks to God, the police authorities were very understanding and they released me after the interrogation.
I can now tell the world that I am a great fan of Ayefele, the musician, and I wish to say it categorically clear that I will treat Ayefele without an advance payment or consultation fee. All I need is to diagnose his case because I only see him on television. I want to tell the world that we have an Obama in Nigeria in the area of trado-medical orthopaedic treatment.