Filmmaker Bidoun Stephen Urges Nigerian Hospitals To Be More Professional

Nigerian director and filmmaker, Biodun Stephen has urged Nigerian hospitals to be more professional while attending to their patients.

The filmmaker, who was reacting to the poor reviews of both government and private-owned hospitals by the citizens, begged the medical practitioners to be considerate and treat their patients better.

She stated, “Dear doctors, I know this country does not give you the credit you deserve, but the patients need your warmth in consulting with them. You do not need to be friendly, though. I believe it’s a plus. But aloofness and coldness does not come with the medical practice. Do better. Be kinder.”

She added that most patients do not like coming to hospitals in Nigeria, the same way hospitals don’t like seeing patients.

Furthermore, Stephen said, “Dear hospital, the feeling is mutual. I do not like coming to you either, but sometimes life forces us to be in your presence. When I do come to you, tell your people not to treat me like a livestock. You are not doing me a favor. It is a paid service. Thank you.”