Filmmaking: Good Storyline Better Than Huge Budget – Filmmaker, Steve Sodiya

A Nigerian filmmaker, Steve Sodiya, has advised actors to pay more attention to the storyline than the budget before taking up an acting role.

According to Sodiya, this will help them to participate only in successful movies.

In a recent interview, the Chief Executive Officer of Nu Koncept Studio described paying attention to storylines as his biggest secret of not making terrible films.

His words, “Sometimes, one can have the biggest budget, and the storyline will not do justice to the ‘heavy’ budget. Before I get involved in any project, I go back and forth with the producer, scriptwriter and all hands involved in the storytelling aspect of the project. It is never about how complex the story is, it is always about how it is been told and what the real message is.”

On the importance of music to filmmaking, Sodiya said, “One of the key elements we usually talk about is music and connection to our roots. I feel that it is not possible to make an African film without embedding indigenous music in it. If we don’t weave our music into our works, we are only celebrating other people’s cultures.”