On the May 1, 2016, Asa held her Asa Live in Concert just like the Olamide ‘Live in concert” which held last December. There were difference in these concerts. Asa ‘s concert looked like the Ajebutter version of what we saw in December when Olamide the country in suspense with his crowd filled concert.

However, some fans don’t like this comparison “It doesn’t make sense comparing Olamide’s music concert to Asa. Everyone has their own style. This can start another twitter rant. It is so not good at all”

The two hours performance from Asa got the guests electrified that some of them ended up losing their voices while Asa continued. These are five difference between hers and Olamide’s own.

1. Guests Were fully clothed

Asa is soft spoken so is her lifestyle. We saw all the guests fully dressed for her concert unlike what we witnessed during Olamide’s concert were some guests were dressed scantily leaving little to be imagined. There was this gentleman mood during Asa’ concert that made it very calm.

2. Few media partners present

When you are Olamide, every -one wants to associate with you to make your concert a success. The publicity is mad and Lagos is painted red with adverts. Not Asa, she only used six media partners, who spoke loud on fliers and billboards.

3. The Band-Support

Asa arrived Nigeria with a full band that was complete. Everything was in place leaving us with nothing to look for. She never spared money in dragging the best instrumentalists and instrument to the show.

4. No Drinking

Asa refused to bring to town a lot of drinkings- There was nothing to drink unlike Olamide’s own that attracted a lot of wine sprinkling here and there. It was purely music business for those who attended her show.

5. The VIP section was upstairs

We know that Nigerian VIPs rather stay quiet without moving their bodies except their feet tapping once in a while. Asa took her VIPs upstairs and left the rest downstairs to do the dancing and screaming. Quite a way to ensure that everyone got comfortable.