Olusegun Obasanjo
They are all good whether they have big buttocks or flat ones. Every woman is beautiful because God created us in His image. Anyone that appeals to a man becomes the most beautiful to the man. So, I appreciate all women irrespective of their sizes.

Bakare Akeem
I cannot befriend a slim girl let alone the one with flat buttocks because, if she lies on the bed, there is nothing to hold. But a woman with big buttocks will fill your hands and you will know that someone is with you.

Alphaeus Ezenechi
I will not go for a woman with big buttocks or even a fat woman. There was a time I went for an inter-house sports in one school. When it was time for the parents to run, the women came out. Immediately they said go, all the slim ones with flat buttocks were already at the front but the big ones could not run half way. There are so many advantages of having a woman with flat buttocks. She will be flexible, smart, agile and above all, sweet and presentable. But the ones with big buttocks are usually dull. For instance, if there is a fire outbreak, you would discover that the one with flat buttocks can remove at least half of the goods in the house in a twinkle of an eye whereas the one with big buttocks would be battling with one item. Furthermore, a time comes when the buttocks will become bigger and they will become an embarrassment to the husband. Then a man will no longer go for an outing with the wife. I prefer girls with flat buttocks come rain or sunshine.

Nduka Makuochukwu
Women with flat buttocks are always the best, but one important thing is that for every woman, there is a man because it was from a man’s rib that a woman was made. It means that every man has a woman. And if that is so, whether they have big or flat buttocks, they must appeal to men. All these are a matter of choice.
But that notwithstanding, I want my woman to be well structured. Let her just have shape and be slender.

Onwurah Otiko
I prefer a woman with flat buttocks. My woman must have a well curved shape, slim, tall or of average height. Women with big buttocks are liability. It is just enough work for the man, both in bed, kitchen, name it. Before she would get up from a seat, it would be war. I like women that are just moderate.

Uche Amuka
I prefer ladies with flat bottom because in a situation whereby the lady has a round bottom, it will make the bout of sex more stressful and hectic. For men that prefer ladies with round bottom, they are on their own.

Okechukwu Mbonu
I love it big. Ladies with big buttocks are preferable because they are attractive and give a very nice look. When dressed, they look more presentable than the others.

Sunday Okpetu
Women with big buttocks are great delight to behold. Most men cannot just take their eyes off them. When men see them, they have just one thing on their mind- taking them from behind. Quote me. Men can attest to this.

Women with big ass and good curve (hippy) are better.

Christian Chinonso
I love women with big buttocks because I feel relaxed and satisfied whenever I am in action.

It all depends on what one needs from the woman. Is it beauty, character or sex? Talking about sex, I can say that women with flat buttocks (lepa shandy) are the better when it comes to this angle because they can be lifted and positioned in any direction you need them in bed, thereby making you derive optimum satisfaction. This is also because they always have narrow or tight vagina.

Fidelis Ekeanyanwu
I like women with simple and moderate buttocks. They are quite easy to handle in bed. My wife is moderate because that was what I looked out for when I wanted to marry.

Ola Agbaje
I do not like women whose buttocks are flat. I like my woman to be moderately endowed behind.

Ganiyu Olajide
I like women with big buttocks. They are a handful in bed. You will know you have somebody in your hand. I like what is good.

Lawson Ukaji
I like women with big buttocks because it gives me confidence to carry on in bed. Every part of her body is ‘foam’ and that makes me happy. The slim buttocks is seasonal, while the big buttocks is every minute attraction.

Kayode Olasebikan
I love heavy buttocks because clothes fit them well. When you embrace her, you are sure something is in your hand. In bed, you are satisfied. I enjoy sex better with such women because their vagina is intact. Women with slim buttocks are not enjoyable at all.

Peter Osuji
I do not like women with heavy buttocks because they are not flexible. They are also prone to diseases. Gone are the days when men rushed after such women