Flavour has left a lot of ladies in dilemma after sharing this shirtless picture. The singer who is not in a hurry to get married even with two lovely baby mamas having his daughters, is not stopping in proving to us that he got a very hot body.


He has captioned his picture ‘Ijele 1 of Igboland’  and immediately his fans saw the picture, they starter praising him. However, some ladies are not finding it easy when they see his body.

A female fan has proudly said that Flavour is waiting to marry her since he will not tell us who he really wants to marry. Does Flavour care about what people are saying about him still being single? We don’t think so! ‘Why are you still single they ask. I am waiting for him. Lol…Flavour you are not it easy for some of us,’ the female fan had said.

Lead us not into temptation, Flavour, these ladies are begging you.