Ghanaian gospel singer, Celestine Donkor who is known for being well endowed with a heavy buttock, has explained why she covers it with a veil.

The singer who is very conscious of her “huge backside”, said she chose to cover it up with a veil so people can concentrate on her voice and songs.

She wrote on Facebook; “Someone asked me why almost all my dresses have a veil at the back, the person said my dressing is becoming one way.

>>Well here is my answer:

“I am very much aware that God has seriously favoured my backside That thing my mama gave me is heavy-duty Since my teenage days, people like staring at my behind.

“So I decided to always cover it as much as I can with a veil so they can “focus on my voice and my songs” So I am sorry you are gonna be seeing more veils.

“I hope my answer makes sense though #JesusIsLord #OnlyYou #weHaveATESTIMONY”