Many things might be going through your mind right now as you read, chill and read on. Marriage is the toughest institute on earth.

Reason is, two different personalities come together and try to be one. Remember, both are from different family, backgrounds or ethnic.

Have you ever imagined that some fathers are not the legitimate father of their kids? Asking how? Research has it that married women tend to cheat more than married men.

No sentiment here, married men are often perceived as the promiscuous one, it’s not a lie that they cheat, but married women does it more.

Some will give the excuse of, my husband is not fateful, and why should I be the faithful one? what I call such rants is foolishness, there is no circumstances that should warrant a married woman to cheat, because a woman owns a home, if it works or break, depends on her.

As far as you wouldn’t jump into a burning fire just because you saw someone jumping in, then no one or no circumstances should make you defile your wedding oath. Rather take a divorce than commit such shameful act.

Some would have extra marital affair, because their spouse does not satisfy them in bed, why not teach him how to hold and touch you? Tell him how you want it and see if you wouldn’t be satisfied.

A question please, what happened to for ‘better for worse’? Some unlucky ones tend to get pregnant for their lover in the process, to escape the shame; they make their husband bear the responsibility.

As an individual, don’t you think it’s repugnant for things of this nature to be happening in our society? What legacy are such women laying for their kids with such a life style?

I know many might say it’s the other way round, what’s your perspective about married women cheating habit?