With the way the economy situation in the country is heading to, even the rich are crying, some celebrities are packing up businesses while some are denying that they are not directly affected to close businesses.


Ini Edo has denied that her Mimz Lounge & Hotel has been reportedly shut due to poor funding since the rumours started flying around.

She explained  “I am hearing this for the first time. I can’t even understand what you’re trying to say. How can some people be saying the business I opened some months ago has closed down? Mimz was opened in September last year and has since been doing well. The place is on the road, very visible. You can go there yourself and verify. I don’t even believe those peddling the rumour have visited the place since it opened.”

Ini went on to say if we doubt her, “I have just told you what you need to do. If you can’t go there yourself, you can send any of your guys there to feel the atmosphere to know whether the place is still functioning or not before we can start talking about whether I am making profit or not. Go there and feed me back. But in truth, the story has no credibility. So, don’t bother yourself about it.”