The remains of footballer, Joseph Izu, was laid to rest at his hometown in Okarki village in Rivers State on Saturday December 3rd.

Joseph, who played for the Shooting Stars of Ibadan, was killed during a shootout between some suspected militants and members of the military task force on October 16th.

At the funeral, his bereaved wife, Pautia Izu, who held her 8-year-old daughter, demanded for justice.

She said, “We know we will all die someday. Our problem is the manner in which he was shot and refusal of his killers to do the right thing. We demand that justice should be done. That is the only thing that will console us.”

Father of the deceased, Reuben Izu, decried the manner in which his son was killed by the military officers.

He said, “The ATM card the young man offered to them to spare his life is still with them. He was begging them to leave him alone. He showed them everything that can identify anybody in the world, yet they still shot him and left with his iPad, ATM card and other things in his wallet. We have not been able to access his account.”