Nigerian music industry is a very competitive one and it’s been an industry dominated by the male.

Over the years, females found it difficult to penetrate into the industry like the opposite s3x.

Although in recent time it’s been better as we have female artistes making waves in the industry now.

Beautiful songstress, Simi recently dished out her thoughts that she doesn’t get intimidated by any man artiste.

For the singer, she says she doesn’t feel like she in a competition and try to see them as an artiste without attaching the s3x to it.

In her words: “At the end of the I bring what I bring to the table and they bring what they bring to the table, it’s a man’s world, but if a woman work had she can get it easy. I don’t get intimidated, I just see them as artiste not a male artiste. I don’t feel like I am in a competition.”