Thousands of foreign supporters of Nigerian Pastor T.B. Joshua have taken to Facebook to express their dismay and disgust at the controversial verdict released by the Lagos coroner’s court which ruled the fatal collapse of a building at the cleric’s church last year was due to structural defaults.

“Do you know what this verdict will cost Nigerians both at home and abroad,” wrote a fan from America who gave his name as ‘Freedom’. “The Nigerian government should know the whole world has seen the footage of what happened in the incident. You cannot hide the truth.”

“I am a lawyer and I must say that indeed the coroner panel was biased,” wrote John Mooney, an Australian. “The Lord shall vindicate you and the entire church,” he added, commenting on the official statement released by The SCOAN which rejected the coroner’s outcome as ‘one-sided’ and ‘unreasonable’.

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Morcie Tulloch, a Jamaican, stated, “This attack on your ministry is an indication that you are impacting the kingdom of darkness not only with your deliverance and healing ministries but your love and care for the poor and suffering.”

“What else do we expect from the so called coroner,” wrote Peter from United Kingdom. “The same people who masterminded the controlled demolition of the SCOAN guest house are also behind the coroner’s unholy verdict,” he adamantly assisted.

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“Why is a bombed building said to have collapsed due to poor workmanship,” commented Zgambo Binford, a Kenyan based Malawian. “I now see why us Africans are 1000s of years behind Westerners.”

Dee Kivido from Holland was insistent that it was not a case of structural failure. “The way that building came down is CLEAR to anyone even with minimum construction knowledge that it was not caused by structural defects,” she stated. “I am a woman in construction and can attest to this.”

“Nigeria should know that human rights activists will not rest this case until justice is done,” added Matt Weller, a social activist from Germany. “The Nigerian government will be made to pay for this monumental cover-up,” he heatedly declared.