Young Nigerian singer Beverly Oh, who recently released a new single titled “hold something”, has revealed how she grew out of love with Flavor her former boyfriend, Flavor Nabania, has found love in the arms of another fellow, and our young singer seem to be saying she has forgotten Flavor for good.


When ask to speak on her experience with love she said” ”I’ve had my share of ups and down. In the past, it’s been sweet, it’s been bitter. Love is full of different emotions. I have got a new boo,’

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Now that she has a new boo does she still have a relationship with Flavor, ”No, we don’t talk at all. It’s not bad blood but we don’t talk.”

For one who was in love with one of Africa’s most desirable; how did she get over the “gollibe” singer? ”I focused on something else that I love and that was my music career. I put all my love, my passion, my pain in my project and it just came out great, when things are not going good look for the positive and put all your energy into that.”

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Meanwhile, Flavour released his album “Ijele The Traveller” in June. The singer’s fifth full-length record, does not stray from all of his other projects.

It is a traditional inspired, romance-Highlife sonorous ride, fitted with variations of his music making ability. Lead single ‘Virtuous woman’ is in the mold of earlier hits ‘Golibe’ and ‘Ada ada’; formulaic piano ballads designed to draw in hopeless romantics.©