Nollywood Diva and divorced mother of one, Tonto Dikeh has explain to all her female fans and followers on social media how she was able to shed the weight that her pregnancy and consequent child birth brought her way.


The award winning actress pointed to a formula she calls “the SSF Diet Program “ as the secret of going from thick to slim, though she did not explain what SSF stands for.

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Hear her confession and see her thick to thin picture:

“I have been asked too many times by so many woman struggling with their weight(baby fat etc) how I successfully shed all of my weight..


The SSF DIET has an advice diet and fitness program that deals with human organism and their blood types.

Different blood groups response differently from each other when it comes to DNA analysis,There are different diet programs all over the world that deals with keeping healthy and Losing weight with different perspective.

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BUT SSF diet program believes in nature.Nature made us and at the same time provided us with energy food we need to stay healthy.

The SSF diet focuses On our blood chemistry and the BMI.


The body cannot function properly or respond the way it was created without the blood type and DNA

Research has shown that blood O risk ulcer, inflammatory disease such as arthritis if they don’t eat correctly. Eating according to your blood type also implies on how you work out every day.

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Blood group O should avoid wheat and other grains to avoid complications in future.

Different body types also counts when fallowing up with SSF diet. Specific body type like Endomorph has a bad history in losing weight and cannot have a successful program without SSF diet program.

When it comes with body types in women we have the Android, Gynaeoid, lymphatic,Thyroid. SSF diet program put so much inconsideration to get the best result in every human being that have difficulties in Lossing weight or staying healthy.

Food combination has caused a lot of Nigerian their life’s over the years. Rice and meat or beans can not be mixed together and many more. Human body naturally respond to complex cab not simple cab .

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Tonto is a Nigerian actress who was born into the family of seven, she lost her mother at the age of three. Dikeh is the third child out of her five siblings, and two siblings from her step-mother. Dikeh studied Petrochemical Engineering in the prestigious Rivers State University of Science and Technology.


In August 2015 Tonto traditionally married Oladunni Churchill by February 2016, she welcomed her first child, -Andre Omodayo Churchill. In 22 June 2016, Tonto Dikeh celebrated her Instagram followers after she clocked one million followers on the picture sharing platform.

On International Women’s Day in 2017, Tonto came forth with a video confession of being a victim of domestic violence and getting infected with STDs in her marriage by Oladunni Churchill.

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Before this, there had been speculations that her marriage had hit the rocks because of her husband’s infidelity with one of his protégé, Rosaline Meurer.

On her Instagram page, Dikeh accused Churchill of murdering their unborn child through domestic violence and being an internet fraudster, popularly known as ‘yahoo boy’©