It is 21 years since we saw Nnenna Nwabueze-Okonta famously referred to as Merit in the pioneer movie, “Living in Bondage” on any movie.


She is back after starring in an Igbo film titled, “ Ndi Gbo Ochie” recently.  The sad news is that she is trying to cope since her husband,  died early this year.

She said that it has not easy on her “It has not been easy, but I am coping with my new status. It’s painful losing a loved one to the pangs of death,”she added. She is trying not to depend on anyone since Okota was buried and the only refuge she can get is through acting again.

“It’s a good thing that before his demise, I staged a comeback to the industry. It’s like a refuge for me. Instead of staying at home and feeling loss, I decided to hit the location to meet people and feel happy. It provides me a source of income.Being a widow comes with so many challenges. Friends will abandon you, but my family is there for me.”

We pray she gets the consolation she desperately desire from Nollywood.