For many followers and fans of Nollywood star, Funke Akindele-Bello, its no longer news that her second marriage to producer/actor Abdulrasheed Bello aka JJC Skillz has crashed and the couple lives apart. With the recent announcement on Instagram which revealed the end of the six-year-old marriage, its obvious that there’s trouble in paradise.

“They are not really together. They both cheat on each other, and they both had a fight. My dad is practically living somewhere else,” revealed Funke Akindele’s stepson, Benito,

The young man whose mother Mella had issues with Funke’s husband over maltreatment of their son, also revealed in April 2022 that his father, Abdulrasheed Bello, and the actress was in an open relationship with the popular actress.

He said, “I don’t even have any care for them no more. I can’t talk for them as a couple anymore. I can only say what I have seen. They are in an open relationship,” Benito claimed.(sic)

Apart from Benito’s claim, the report by Instagram blogger, Gistlovers, had it that Funke allegedly controlled her estranged husband which led to an initial separation of the couple.

Gistlovers wrote in April, “According to sources in Nigeria and majority in London, Funke and JJC Skillz’ marriage is going through some hard times to the extent that Funke reacting in anger verbally told JJC Skillz “Leave my house”

Sources present when the heated argument happened in their Amen Estate home quoted Funke saying “O ko owo mi je” (he embezzled my funds) when they tried calming her down.

Our source told us Funke Akindele has boldly accused Abdul Bello of squandering money which she did not agree to as the largest owner of company.

We are not sure if this has anything to do with the apartment Abdul allegedly rented somewhere in Lagos.

Skillz since left Lagos for London maybe to cool down and also give his darling wife some space to calm down also.

Our london Sources close to Skillz have also said that Skillz sorted to plan B cuz Funke has been “controlling” which Abdul has been tolerating all these years but it keeps getting worse.” (sic)

JJC, who married Funke in May 2016 at a private ceremony in London shared this post on Instagram on Thursday June 30, 2022:

“Dear Friends and family I need to let you know that Funke and I have separated. While it lasted we shared a lot of things together and have created 2 beautiful children. The last two years have been extremely difficult for us. I know I have tried my best to fix things but I believe it is beyond repair now. 3 months ago and at Funkes insistence I moved out of the house and apart from AMVCA have not been able to get Funke to sit down in an amicable manner to discuss the future of our relationship. I’m making this announcement so that the public is clear that we both are pursuing separate lives. We still have issues that need to be addressed such as the custody and wellbeing of our children which is paramount as well as business interests which need to be disentangled but I have no doubt that these will be resolved.