Its very obvious that actor Emeka Ike has made himself a lot of enemies in Nollywood due to his gangboy attitude.The gist has it that most of his colleagues disapprove of the way he is handling his ambition for the presidency of the actors guild.A top actor who asked for anomity says,”It’s dissapointing to see a Nigerian actor behave that way,it’s a slap on our faces,a disgrace to the industry,if Emeka Ike truly brandished a gun to threaten anyone who comes between him and his ambition,then he is a big fool”

Emeka Ike is married,pls wifey,talk to your husband.We heard you have 3 sons,he should be a role model to his children,and besides that,there are many young people out there who look up to him.If he gives them the impreesion that this is how things should be done,then our country is screwed.