A 49-year-old football coach, Frank Darlington, has confessed to detectives attached to the Lagos State Police Command that he had been sodomising his teenage players for over one year now.

He said he had already made up his mind to quit before he was arrested.

 He added: “I have been making love to some of these boys over a year now. I’ve lost counts of the number of boys I had sex with.

When I started making love to the boys, I saw it as fun. It never occurred to me that what I was doing was wrong and that God forbids it. This arrest was because one of the boys I made love to reported me to his mother.”

Darlington said he was arrested when he went to the boy’s house. He said: “I’ve not seen the boy for almost three months.I needed to get my jersey back from him.

I went to his mother’s shop to check on him. I didn’t know he had reported me to his elder brother. The boy’s elder brother pounced on me. I was later handed over to the police.

I regret my action; but in everything, we should give thanks to God. If I had not been arrested, I would have continued with my terrible lifestyle. I also believe that God wanted to change me for better and showed me the true salvation of Christ.”

One of the victims said that the coach had made love with him about five times. He said: “The very first time he made love to me was when I went to assist him to fetch water at his house.

I was about to leave his house when he ordered me to lie on his bed. He said that we were about to embark on an exercise. To my surprise, he asked me to undress.

Before I knew what was happening, he climbed on me and turned me around. He made straight for my anus with his manhood. Afterward, he threatened to kill me if I told anybody what transpired between us.”

The victim, who said he joined the football club February last year, said he quit the club after he discovered what Darlington was doing. Another victim said he had lost counts of the number of times Darlington had sex with him.He said: “It’s not every time he makes love to me through the anus. Sometimes, he would hug him and discharged on my body.

When I could no longer bear it, I informed my mother. She didn’t believe me. She, however, believed after my colleagues, who had similar encounters, shared their experiences.

He was arrested on Thursday by policemen from Elere Police Station, Agege.