We all know the love story that allegedly went sour between D’banj and Genevieve Nnaji. It all started in 2010 when the two of them became inseparable. Then, things fell apart and they went their separate ways. JJC Skillz  had allegedly revealed a secret about the couple. Hinting about what could have been responsible for the break up between the couple, he said Genevieve loved D’banj but he had other plans.

Since his alleged breakup with Genevieve, D’Banj has been linked with Adama Indimi, the daughter of billionaire businessman Alhaji Mohammed Indimi. He has also been linked with a South African beauty. D’banj later said he could have gotten married to her but Genevieve didn’t allegedly  agree to this when she had an interview years later.

She had said “First of all I have to agree within myself that I actually want to get married. If I would marry him, I don’t know. I think my life is already chaotic as it is being one celebrity. So, it’s a no.”

Rumour had it that their alleged break-up was so messy that the pair constantly avoided each other in public outings, then in 2015, they were allegedly together at an event and the rumour began again of them dating…Finally, the rumour is spreading again because Genevieve has started  following the Kokomaster on Instagram.

Is there anything happening that we do not know?