Nollywood actress, Genevieve Nnaji  has defended her action in supporting the people of France who suffered in the hands of terrorists. She had asked her fans to prayer for Nice, something that never went down well with them.


‘Coming from a lady I respect so much, I’m startled. Until we begin to love this country, it won’t get better. Yes you have right to post whatever, but where lies your loyalty,’ a concerned fan has told her.

However, Genevieve has something to say as she insists that  ‘The idea is not to limit love and compassion but to limit anger and hate. What you let out in the Universe is what spreads. Everyone has a platform to effect change so pay good attention to what you do with yours. WE ARE THE WORLD therefore #changeisinourhands. The sooner we accept it the better,’ she said.

Maybe, this will pacify her fans.