Many are those who described the 2011 Ghana Movie Awards as the most boring event in 2011. Kumasi film makers seemed not to be looking at the boring aspect but rather they axiom most of the awards were awarded to movie makers to favor them.

One of the Categories not okay with Kumasi film producers was Best Directing, which went to Idikoko president of the Film Producers Association of Ghana.

To most of the crew members behind the screens at Kumasi they lamented that most of the categories were foul on the side of the organizers. They feel that the award for Best Directing for the local language went to the wrong person.

In a chit chat with Frank Gharbin the young director who shocked the entertainment industry by topping the Ghana movie awards 2010 with 15 nominations and the Zafaa Awards Indigenous category in London with 6 nominations talking about a movie in the local Twi language titled “AMA GHANA”,

Gharbin stated that “Technically there is no sense in the awards going to Augustine Abbey (Idikoko) who honestly cannot even speak the local language well enough for him to even direct well. A collection of my movies got 17 nominations. All the top actors in the local language who won the local category awards won it through my movies; if I didn’t direct them well will they win the best Actor and actress?I think they just wanted to honor Idikoko as president of the film producers Association who is not even earning that kind of respect among his members.

I think they should have created a special award for him or yet still gave him the Olu Jacobs Awards i respect Idikoko as an actor and not a director. Honestly what producer in Ghana will give his movie to Idikoko to direct for him? Not even Fred Nuamah the founder of the Ghana Movie Awards would do that. It is time we have to call a spade a spade.” he added