Daddy Showkey apologizes to Lepacious Bose after blasting her for comparing Nigerians to Ghanaians.

Yesterday, Daddy Showkey slammed comedian-actress Lepacious Bose, by calling her a ‘mumu’ for her controversial comparison of Nigerians and Ghanaians.

Earlier, in an interview, she said she loves Ghanaians because they don’t bleach their skins like Nigerians.

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Daddy showkey infuriated by her comment took to his Instagram handle to blast her, saying:

”Mumu! Mumu!! Mumu!!! , who dey look for Mumu, Mumu! Mumu!! Mumu!!! Who dey look for Mumu, we go give you the Mumu for free.”

Hours after insulting the comedian, Daddy Showkey made a video to apologize to her, saying:

“Make you no vex say I call you mumu sha but make you sef take your word back…’ he said.

He further reminded her that Ghana and Congo bleach more than Nigerians. And in the past, Ghanaians used to make bleaching creams for Nigerians…


Lepacious Bose