Star actress, Fathia Williams, was among those who made a trip recently to the Holy Land of Mecca in Saudi Arabia for the yearly rituals of the Muslims called Hajj.

She embarked on the journey to Hajj alongside other actors in the Yoruba movie industry.

Some days ago, Fathia and Dayo Amusa attended an event put together on the Island to celebrate their safe return from the pilgrimage.

The actress, who also attended another event in Lagos few days ago, explained that going on the trip has changed her life for good.

She said going to Mecca is nothing too special because of the relationship she has with those who practise Islam.

Fathia said her ex-husband is a Muslim as well as her children. According to the actress, going to Kwara State Polytechnic afforded her the opportunity to relate well with Muslims.

“I feel changed, I feel reformed, I have spirit of God working in me. I will say because I attended Kwara Poly, I have friends from Muslim background so I am into the system. I have been into the system and it is not like it is new for me and my ex was a Muslim, so the kids are Muslim so I’m Muslim basically, so it is not as if it is new for me, it is something I have been doing before going to Mecca,” she told E-Rave.