We black women are quite lucky when it comes to hair styles. We have so many options, with the only limit being our own imaginations.

Of course, certain hairstyles lend themselves more to the creative industry than to the more formal corporate world, but even taking that supposed restriction into consideration, there is an abundance of styles to choose from. The following are a few styling ideas to start you off:

Natural hair

Apart from the regular afro, which can be given a bit of charm with hair accessories, the Mohawk is a cool and edgy look to try on natural hair.

There are two ways to achieve the Mohawk with natural hair. One is to shave the hair at the sides of the head leaving a strip of hair down the middle of the head while the other option is to weave the hair from each side of the head (that is, from the ears) to the middle of the head.

This style is called ‘patewo’ in western Nigeria. Instead of braiding the hair to the ends, leave the ends loose and puffed up to create the Mohawk look.

Processed hair

When in a styling fix, it is tempting to pull processed or chemically-straightened hair into a ponytail. To give your hairline a rest, try curling the hair at the front of the head into a full or side-swept fringe. Avoid actually curling your entire head of hair with the tongs, otherwise, you’ll look like a six-year-old on her way to a birthday party.

Another alternative for relaxed hair is to get the hair cut into a blunt bob. This sexy look is easy to style but needs regular visits to the salon to keep the bob in shape.


With the dizzying array of extensions on the market, you can probably have a different hairstyle every week until the end of the year! At the moment, the ‘Rihanna’ still reigns supreme when it comes to weave on styles. Try any one of the variations, from her asymmetric bob to her shaggy fringed crop.


Dreadlocks are actually quite versatile. Since dreadlocked hair is natural, the hair can usually be dyed without it falling out or showing much damage. Dreadlocks can also be curled with rollers though they may take quite a while to dry.

An easier way to curl dreadlocks is to braid the hair at night and loosen the braids in the morning.

The locks should look nice and wavy. You can also achieve elegant hairstyles like chignons and French twist with dreadlocks.