Shedding tears in movies is not easy. It is a very daunting task really. When the tears come flowing naturally like that without applying any tear-inducing ointment, it shows that the act is good. We have so many of them who shed real tears depending on roles being interpreted.

One of them is Rukky Sanda, a Nollywood act. She unveils what she does for tears to flow when she hears the camera man says action!

“As an actress, you need to unleash your talent, thereby bringing more life into whatever role you are given.

Acting isn’t easy, but I cope because I love it. So, tears come naturally to my eyes and that to me is no big deal.”

Can you cry for me?

No, I won’t do it please. Not that it is difficult, but I won’t want to spoil my make-up.

When movie director says give me tears, what do you remember for tears to start flowing?

Well, I just take a deep breath and stare into space without blinking my eyes naturally would get cloudy and then tears would start dribbling down my cheeks.