Nollywood actress, Halima Abubakar is beginning to become an individual who is very outspoken and doesn’t stop in airing her thoughts.

Recently she has been tongue lashing the government over their inability to meet up to the change the citizens of Nigeria was promised.

About the various killings happening around the country, the actress aired her displeasure about the president’s inability to address the issue publicly.

If you recall there was uproar, when people protested over senator Dino’s misconduct to Senator Remi Tinubu, this got the actress questioning Nigerians why there hasn’t been uproar over the killing of the evangelist who was gruesomely murdered in Abuja as well as other killing happening in the country.


In her words: “talking about priorities, has the president addressed the chaos and killings yet? A woman was killed in Abuja, no protest, a woman was killed in Kano no protest. Dino engages Remi Tinubu in gutter politics, Uproar!!”