Controversial Nigerian On-air-personality, Daddy Freeze, recently took time to apologise to some people he seems to have stepped on with his criticism and while many applauded his boldness, some see his actions as unnecessary.


One of which caught many attention was his apology to comedian Basketmouth. The two who have been long time friends fell apart for best reasons known to them but Daddy Freeze, who did not want to go into details decided to apologise for his actions.

Although Basketmouth has not said a word about his apology, Daddy Freeze still wants people to know that his apology was sincere to the comedian.
In a recent interview with on Wazobia Max, Daddy Freeze, explained that although he was angry with the comedian but it occurred to him that the comedian is one who has played a major role in making him who he is today.

He pointed out that the apology was sincere and a means of getting his friend back but if he fails to accept him back, he will be a fulfilled man for playing his own part.

In his words, “Bright and I go way back and the first time I met Bright in my life was in Ibadan. We were very close, were paddys and we knew some of each other’s secret but I don’t want to go into it but it was like a ping pong game. In as much as I get angry with him I always have to remember that this is someone who was instrumental in making me whatever it is that have become. So I offered him my sincere apology not because I was 100% wrong but because I just want my friend back and even if I ever don’t get him back, I will know I have fulfilled my own part of it.”