Movie star, Halima Abubakar has threatened to expose some bullies in the Nollywood industry.

She took to her Instagram page to make the threat.

She wrote; “I pray an arrest has been made by today. When I talk about bullies, believe me they are everywhere. No one is safe in their hatered. We are now adult still not much is done. Young Sylvester’s death will be the last…”

“Am a survivor of bullying. Trust me even if a governor own the school, justice must be served.”

“The perpetrators should be brought out. And justice served so Sylvester can have closure and finally Rest In Peace.”

“Bullying is actually rampant. They keep covering it up. Am a border and I know how schools cover crimes in bording schools.#justiceforslyvester#saynotobullies.”

“They are right if you report, you snitched, beating, molestation, punishments from seniors or even your own mate.”

“Kindly stop and talk to your kids. Many more are hidden, look even in Nollywood we have bullies and I will name them all.”