Former Super Eagles defender, Joseph Yobo’s wife, Adaeze has made a shocking revelation.

She took to her Instagram stories and wrote;

“A couple weeks ago, we went for a kids party and I saw a boy pinch my daugher repeatedly in the chest and my daughter kept complaining that her chest hurt.”

“Then I saw him with my eyes give her another blow directly on her chest (my skinny baby) ah! It hurt me seeing it o! I asked my first son (11years old) he went there to speak English. “If you touch my sis again, I will spank you”…”

“Ah! Was still fuming. Boiling in anger… That pinch was too hard… I grabbed my 2nd son (7years old) who actually saw it happen but was too busy summersaulting. Gave that one a slap to wake him up and I said go out there and deal with that boy that is pinching your sis.”

“He went to beat him and the boy had the audacity to report to me and I looked him in the eye and said if you touch my daughter one more time, I’ll beat you and beat your mother. This little man said “Eweeeeeh! Jesuuuuus!”

“Sometimes confront them, they know what they’re doing in the wake of recent happenings. Let’s be intentional about teaching our kids to treat other with respect and kindness. Teach them that it is wrong to make fun & discriminate people.”

“My first son was too nice when we first moved back and he got picked on a lot which made me focus a lot on teaching my kids how to fight back. But with all of this now I have become more intentional about educating them on how bullies are affected long-term because… sometimes the bullied become bullies.”