One of the musical acts who are making a statement right now in the industry is Harry Song under Questionmark Entertainment. Harry who had done quite a lot of back up vocals for the likes of Paul Play, Omotola, Darey Art-Alade has given impressive account of his musical capability. He recently slammed the Ginger the swagger crooner, Terry G and his counterpart, K Solo whose efforts he said have contributed to the ills in the society with the kinds of music they produced and even released to the hearing of the public.

“It becomes painful when you make a number of hits as a producer and they are all not decent music – more than half of your catalogue doesn’t have decent music, It is beyond making music for clubs. Want to make people dance to my music but that doesn’t give me the right to throw away my creative and good healthy message to sing booze, ‘shayo’, a woman’s behind, ‘choco’, weed and songs that lack brilliance ’ Harry Song fumed.

‘Have you listened to radio lately or listen to the average upcoming artiste? I have been privileged to listen to quite a lot of songs as a voice coach and you are stunned at the fact that every one of them feels the Nigerian music audience wants to listen and buy mediocre in a CD. I won’t listen to mediocrity or tasteless music, I know my record label won’t push such records and eventually, the producers like Terry G and K Solo are to blame’ He added.

Harry Song, a self acclaimed Afro-Hip Hop/Reggae artiste who also doubles as a producer further said “I respect them [Terry G and K Solo] as producers who have been consistent but then they lose that respect if they don’t know that a producer determines the trend that a music nation takes. Djs today would advise you to make music for the club and guess who is responsible: the producers who would rather than not evolve, create a sound of his own but decides to take the safe route to relevance with making a record that play in the clubs.
‘Producers like Swizz Beats, Dr. Dre have come to be known for a particular sound and even in Nigeria, Cobhams is remarkable as well as Don Jazzy’

“One is forced to marvel in the wrong way at Terry G’s creativity or lack of creativity if you ask me and K Solo’s decision to remain stuck in his monotonous sound. It is tiring, very tiring.
Let’s face it, every other artiste is known overseas only to Nigerians based there. Asa, Nneka or Femi Kuti who was nominated for a Grammy doesn’t have a song playing in clubs. We need to take this seriously’ He admonished.