Bukky Wright has men issues and the single mother has been unable to find a man for a serious affair. Before her most recent failed relationship, She was in a marriage that produced two kids.

Bukky Wright met her ex husband through her brother. He was regularly visiting them; they started out as friends and grew into lovers.

But they had to go their separate ways and she won’t say why but She informs it was a difficult decision to leave him but ‘What if you are not meant for each other? But for some reason or the other you came upon yourself. If God says you’re going to pass through that to get to where you’re going in life, you just can’t help it.’ and she has struggled to find a new man in her life and ‘for the sake of the children’. She is a mother of two teenagers.

“Every woman wants to have her own husband to call hers. I must confess every night, even if you have a man that is not yours, every night you will be thinking he’s going home now to meet his wife and you’re left alone at that critical time that you want to tell somebody something very important.” She said about losing the father of his two children.

While she quick to say the recent failed relationship was meant to, she thinak otherwise of her first marriage: “he gave me what a lot of people in life will spend millions of money to buy and still can never get it. He can never be in my black book.”

“I will say relationship wise I might have fallen into wrong hands, that I’ll just feel how I got myself involved in this and how do I just move on. There is always the good and the ugly side of life. It can’t all be rosy. If you have it rosy all the time you should check yourself because you don’t want to start having the ugly side of life at old age. It’s better to face challenges while growing up and at old age one will just relax and enjoy the fruit of your labour.” She said in her recent interview.

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