Apparently Kelly Hansome’s six year contract has not been terminated by Kennis Music as Kelly Hansome purportedly said in a mail to the members of his facebook group, a source informed since their lawyers couldn’t reach an agreement.

Yesterday, Kelly Hansome sent another mail where he informed that Kennis Music headed by Kenny Ogungbe was setting the press against him by paying them to run degrading stories on him.

Kelly Hansome claims ‘Right from my last album, Maga Don Pay, Kennis Music has not paid me.’ when they promised to ‘get me a house, car and other necessary things I needed,’ and he had it stated in the contract.

‘When I was with Kennis, 70 per cent of the shows I did were, as I was made to understand free. When I later found out that they have been collecting money from these people, they now assured me that they were going to pay me. They have being collecting money from them and claiming that the shows were all complimentary.

30 per cent of the shows I did for Kennis came through my manager, Pental. Even the show they did for Glo…one laughter whatever, featuring Basket Mouth, they were paid, but nobody gave me a dime. Apart from that, Kennis used to block my shows. People who wanted me to do a show for them were turned down; they were often told that I was not in town, meanwhile, I’ve been in town since December 24 last year. Kennis has been chopping my money; why? What have I done to them? Is it wrong for me to believe their words?‘, Kelly informed in an interview.

Kelly weighed in on Tuface’s deal with Kennis Music: ‘Kennis are businessmen who just want to make money. They were only managing him [Tuface] and trying to make things happen. Kennis has never sourced for event for him; never. And again, most of those who left Kennis did not leave well. Eedris did not leave well, but I hear that he has gone back. Sound Sultan is not happy, Marvellous Benji is equally not happy, and for me, I’ve been trying my best to stay with them, but I can’t just carry on’

what broke the camels back was after he went back to the US where he was based when for six months he didn’t get a cheque from Kennis Music but he was asked to come for the Kennis Music easter Fiesta and he requested for $200,000 to ‘shop for the event‘ and he was asked to write an application which he thought was weird and consequently requested for a termination of his contract which he sent his lawyers to facilitate. “They [kennis music] became angry and in turn sent their lawyer to me.” Kelly informed.

And as regard doing business with Kennis Music, he says: ‘People should do business with them [Kennis Music], but they should be careful. Open your eyes.”

Kenny Ogungbe when contacted would rather have his publicist respond. He informs a statement would be issued in due time.

Kelly Hansome plans to have his new album carry his Maga music imprint.

By Dro