Taiwo Badmus has not only made her name as a beautician and a physio-therapist, she has also won the hearts of many society women with her Tai’ Olori make over and body spa business. In this interview with CHIOMA AGALI, Badmus had so much to say about her background, career, and passion for her business. Excerpts:

Where did you grow up and what did you study in school?
I am Taiwo Badmus, I grew up in Lagos but I hail from Oyo State. My parents had four children, two boys and two girls and I’m the second born. I had my nursery and primary school in Lagos before I proceeded to Ansarudeen College, Isolo and subsequently Lagos State University where I had my Bsc in Biochemistry. I still hope to go for my masters degree.

How did you come about the name Tai’ Olori?
I got the name from my name, Taiwo. I shortened it to Tai and I added Olori meaning princess of God just like the biblical Esther; the Queen. Tai, the Princess of God. I just wanted something different and for the name to sound catchy.

Was this what you have always wanted to do?
I never had the intention of going into a beauty palace business because I was working with Delux. They construct roads, solar power system and so many other things. I was laid off because there was a lot of challenges with my boss and before you could get another job, they were asking for additional educational qualification which I didn’t have. I was jobless for some months and a friend of mine traveling to Togo just said ‘let’s go for site seeing’whileshe was going for an official assignment. So I went with her and discovered so many things. During this time,I learnt to make good money and I registered at the beauty school. We were taught how to makeover and so many other beauty routines. That was how I found myself doing it and I became an expert. When I came back, I decided to open my own beauty palace.

So, how has business been?
It is has been very lucrative. I have been doing this for four years now with hard work and with just the little time I’ve spent on the job, I have discovered that its a lot rewarding. When I do a body scrub or massage just for two hours. I get a handsome pay so the business has been very good.

What are the challenges?
Initially, when I started the business it was not easy. I was always thinking ‘how will I get my clients? I was really scared because I knew how much I invested on the equipments I bought to start the business. Thank God I had a mother that could actually back me up. She linked me up with people. When you do a good job for one client, from that person, other clients will look for you because they have seen the good work you have done and will keep coming.

If you were not into this business, what other thing would you have considered?
I would have been a laboratory scientist because I studied Biochemistry and I love mixing chemicals and seing reactions but I love what I am doing now.

What is your driving force?
I think from what I have seen since I started the business, the recommendation my clients give to me keeps me going. I use more of herbs and fruit extracts compared to other beauty homes that use chemicals. We use more of pawpaw, cucumber and other fruits that are good for the skin and when you see the visible result after using it, you will realise their betterment to many other products that are made from chemicals.

What is your advice for the young individuals who want to tread your path?
My recommendation to them is that what is worth doing, is worth doing well and they must have passion for what ever they want to do. If you don’t love it, don’t go into it. When it comes to my workers, I know those that have passion for the job, they will never get tired, they are happy when they are working. But those that are easily tired, do not have passion for the work and they are never happy when clients are around.

How would you describe yourself in three words?
I’m loving, hate lies and very tolerant.