It is already an established fact that there is a rift between controversial actress, Funke Akindele, otherwise known as Jennifa, and crossover musician, Gift Iyumame Uwame, fondly referred to as Muma Gee. But what many don’t know is why the two female entertainers are at loggerheads.

The on-going celebrity edition of Gulder Ultimate Search, which Funke and Muma Gee are part of, has for obvious reasons revealed to all and sundry that these ladies in question don’t like each other for anything.

Although Funke claimed that prior to the Ultimate Search camping, she has never heard of Muma Gee, sources close to her said the claim is far from the truth.

According to a source who is close to Funke, “of course she can’t deny knowing Muma Gee. I can vividly remember that on a particular day I visited Funke at home, we were discussing the exploits of female musicians in the country, and she was actually the one that mentioned Muma Gee, though she confessed that she doesn’t like the singer’s guts and mode of dressing.”

Muma Gee has been a subject of discussion in the GUS camp, particularly between Funke, Princess Dammy and actress Chioma Chukwuka, who have been engaging her in war of words since their arrival in the jungle. however gathered that Funke’s support for Princess, who first had a rift with Muma Gee, might be a testimony to the claim that she never liked the singer one bit.

But unknown to her, Muma Gee’s rift with comedienne Princess Dammy did not start in the GUS camp.

The details of their rift [Princess and Muma Gee] are still sketchy anyway. It started some years back when Muma Gee’s hit song, Kade, was still making waves.

Besides, considering the fact that Muma Gee is well connected among top players in different sectors of the country, perhaps she has crossed the paths of Funke and Princess in some ways.