We called it multitalented! We are talking about Fuji singer, Obesere doing hip-hop music these days. Most people do not understand why he will start the genre neither are they sure that he will succeed while the rest are thinking that Fuji music will die.

Obesere said “Fuji music can never die. It is traditional, but hip-hop is a borrowed culture. As a matter of fact, most hip-hop songs have a bit of Fuji in them. I’m doing hip-hop to prove to the world that I’m a professional in what I’m doing. It doesn’t mean that because I’m a Fuji artiste, I cannot sing anything else. Whatever music turns itself to, I’m ready to do it.,” adding

“ A Yoruba proverb says that you should face the same direction that the rest of the world is facing, so you won’t be displaced by time. I don’t want to give any chance to anybody to push me aside to irrelevance because I want to continue being relevant. The good thing is that people have accepted my work. They appreciate me because they’ve known me already. It is an opportunity to prove that I deserve my title as ‘Paramount king of music.”