Nollywood actor, Toni Fredericks has sacrificed a lot since he joined Nollywood five years ago because one of those that are sought after by producers and directors.

He doesn’t believe what some of us have been fed with: that the industry is used as a platform for prostitution and also denied homosexuality taking over the industry.

He debunk the claim “It’ll be ridiculous for me to say it that way because I don’t call those prostitutes actresses. They are simply prostitutes, sex traders who have infiltrated the industry and made it look like it’s a prerequisite for becoming an actress. It’s pathetic but I know a lot of decent actresses who are doing very well.”

Toni doesn’t understand why actresses are scared of dating their male counterparts “I sincerely don’t know their reasons and I won’t say that I have not heard anything like that before now. But if I were a lady, there are some of our colleagues that I can’t date. Jeez! Some fake broke skints living above their income – they call it packaging. No sane lady with genuine intentions would date those kinds of guys or what do you think?”

He talked about men trying to submit themselves in exchange for juicy roles “If we are not careful with this, we may be insinuating that the guys that get juicy roles got them by submitting themselves. No, that will give a wrong impression. Life is a choice, and you are privileged with the gift of freewill, it is not true that a good actor will have to leave the industry because some homosexuals are asking him out. Questions are, do these so-called homosexuals own the industry? Or is it a crime to turn them down and move on? And I tell you what, talented actors are being sought after by serious movie makers, that’s why you have auditions here and there and not for some homosexual bullshit.”