Nigerian actress, Allwell Ademola has discussed how people view actors based on the parts of their lives that are open to the public.

In her remark, the actress acknowledged that actresses are in the public eye and that it is easy to criticize them as a result, but she also stated that it is wrong to accuse them when those who are not in the limelight do the same things that actresses are chastised for.

In her words: “A lot of things are perceived wrongly. The truth is that we are in the faces of people. They see us every day on TV.

“It is very easy for people to point fingers but things are happening everywhere in the world. Things are happening in different sectors.

“I don’t think there is any neighborhood in Nigeria where there are no single mums. Is it actresses that live in those places? It is easy to point accusing fingers at celebrities because we are in the faces of the people.”

Allwell Ademola is among the few actresses who everyone can concur knows how to avoid scandals, and she claims it’s a deliberate decision she took since she has a reputation to defend.

She added: “It is an intentional decision. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. I have the fear of God. Also, my family name is important to me. It has been built over the years, even before I was born. It will be stupid of me to tarnish the image of my family.”

Meanwhile, England based Nigerian disk jockey, Florence Otedola also known as DJ Cuppy, has said that she feels insecure with how people viewed her haircut.

Cuppy was on an Instagram Live session on Thursday, hosted by her estranged friend and former BBNaija housemate Kiddwaya.

The University of Oxford masters student has lamented how young black people have taken too much interest in the physical look rather than the individual personality in itself.

Cuppy said, “A lot of guys are not attracted to someone with short hair, and it’s annoying because I’m the same person. To me, it made me insecure and I asked myself, ‘am I ugly?’

“I feel like as Nigerians and young black people, we need to stop being so on the surface. We are putting ourselves under too much pressure. Even with make-up, lashes, we cannot kill ourselves. Even weight is a thing.”

29-year-old Cuppy noted that she prefers to be real, as sharing her real self in a relationship will keep it going in the good days and the bad days.

“People adore my sister Temi, she is a fashionista, she is so graceful. We are from the same parents, but I am never going to look like her. We mustn’t put ourselves under pressure.

“You and I always talk about the premium cuppy, which is pressure in itself. If I don’t want to be this premium princess with pink long hair and wearing dresses all the time, so be it.

“The reality is that, if you are serious about your partner, your partner has to take you for the good days and bad days. One day, your partner is going to see your real hair.

“One day, he is going to see your false eyelashes fall off. Except you want to be fake for most of your relationship,” she said.