?Few days ago, popular Yoruba actress, Taiwo Aromokun openly revealed that her marriage had since crashed, thus she returned to Nigeria from Holland to continue her career in other to feed her kids.

The actress cum producer got married on the 26th of December, 2012 to her Ogun State-born then fiance, Mr. Olayemi Abimbola, popularly known as ‘Ogun of Holland’.

According to sources, the actress who is now a single mother of a set of twins was fully aware that her estranged husband is a married man, yet she forged ahead with their marriage.

More allegations have it that the movie star was also double dating during the period their relationship lasted.

Her insincerity sources claimed caused a big problem in her marriage which led to Mr. Holland backing out from the baby dedication and as well demanded a DNA test to determine the paternity of the boys.

‘She met this guy and knew quite well that he was very married. And no, his wife isn’t white. She would go to his abroad base to visit him, and he used to put her up in a guest house.

Whilst dating her, he claimed that she had so many other guys that she was dating. People he has proof of because he saw their communications at some point.

He also claims he left her because of the popular motor park Oga who recently .

What happened was that one day, she and her now ex hubby were together, then he got hold of her phone to see a lot of revealing things he never knew about her. He said that she told him so many lies. He found on her phone, details that exposed her sexual relations and that she wasn’t even sure who she was pregnant for…but decided to pin it on him. At this point the guy lost it when he saw her chat with the the one who recently celebrated his birthday ?Who at that point she was begging seriously through text message to pick her calls, as it seemed that one had also backed out .

According to her ex, the chat he saw also revealed that the most prominent men in her life then, which included himself, were financially responsible for her upkeep. Before she left Nigeria, when she fell pregnant, she could no longer afford her rent in lagos and was kicked out. So she left for the UK to birth her kids without a penny in hand.  But at this point, the ex husband had opted out and was avoiding her like a plague. Not minding this development, she proceeded to London and was at the mercy of friends for survival. Now she’s back to Nigeria,’ an insider revealed to a popular