Emma Nyra, the former TripleMG artiste and alleged ex-girlfriend of Ubi Franklin has shared her thoughts on why her male counterparts earn more in the industry.

 “I’ll just say that it wasn’t normal about 5 years ago for there to be female artists. So our industry is still new for the females but it is getting better. I can’t complain because like I said about 5 years ago, there weren’t any female artistes that were holding it down. Now we have so many. So I’m happy we are growing and besides, you don’t know how much we are getting paid o (laughs). The men get paid a lot, but the women get paid too. And I think we bring it just like the guys,” she said.

Giving a hint of what she has been up to, the sexy diva said, “I have a lot of new music coming out, fresh videos. My songs with Triple MG are still part of my catalogue, I’ll always perform them. I have to do it for the ladies. We female artistes have so much to offer. 2016 is the year of the woman.”