Times are very challenging in Nigeria at the moment, imagine A sachet of pure water is now 15 Naira and would soon turn to 20 Naira, when I went to the market last Monday I heard whispers front left and center,as I was buying cotey fish an elderly woman wanted to buy Titus fish once she heard 1 was 600 Naira she left it as if it had Leprosy.

Toyin a friend of mine came to visit me and narrated that on her way coming to my house a man was so depressed that he wanted to jump into a canal and was saved by passers by.he was just sacked from his office.

Every year fresh graduates emerges in the work force and they are no well paid jobs waiting for the multitudes,the handwork market has increased how will they pay for that when their parents have spent so much on their university education.

Depression is a deep mood that is very destructive it eats into a man like a venom it drains the energy of a man he is helpless, we don’t have the therapy offices in Nigeria on depression in which a lot of graduates would have had jobs today.even some churches doesn’t help matters,the behavior of some so called born again brother and sister can drive you from Christianity forever.so where do Nigerians go when they are disillusioned with life,the GOD factor cannot be underestimated I am not talking about Christianity and the noise made about it, its studying the word of GOD and look at the trails and tribulations of great men and women in the Bible.JOB is a great example, select the kind of people you associate with, There is environmental adversity its real,see the case of a young man who left his house took a bus going to the island on getting to 3rd mainland bridge he told the conductor to stop the bus and before we can say Jack Robinson he jumped into the river

So many sad stories of starvation and lack, but as long as there is life there is hope, patience is the key and meditating on GODS word.and even if its 2 people who validates you so be it.Continue doing what you are doing and learn other trade too, in this recession time 3 to 4 streamline of business is the answer that would generate income from different sides, the old SKOOL way of relaying on a Monday-Friday job is a lost cause.be busy and effective with your work and talent

Encourage people who are even in a worst state than you,take a break,sometimes go to the beach alone,be alone to think about your life and believe being born a Nigerian is not a mistake ONE LOVE.

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