Nigerian Nollywood actress Jaiye Kuti is furious over the fact that before a movie is being fully released pirates have made people loss taste for the original product.

The actress who is working on a new movie titled Iya Afin has been shocked as the movie is already on YouTube when it is not yet concluded.

But when the movie is clicked it is another movie entirely, they only put up the posters to make sure people rush to click on it.

This has left the actress furious has she blasted the people responsible for this mischief.

In her post which she shared a photo of herself lying on a mat, the actress wrote;

“I was indeed tired and truly asleep on the set of ‘Iya Afin’ when Uncle Yemi Solade took the pictures. My point now is this; some bastard will now pirate the job and not stop there. Once the poster is out, they will put it on the movies on YouTube so that people can watch thinking it’s the original movie of yours. Check my movies Olori Amolegbe and Omolakeji, people were already watching wrong movies because my poster were on the movies; resulting to many people seeing it before your movie is finally out. They do this to many movies. My prayer to God is to reward our hard work and crown us with success. Straight from the heart.”

The poster of the movie that is currently in the m,aking has already been uploaded in YouTube and it is fast gaining views.

Piracy has been eating deep into the Nigerian movie industry and many fights and attempt to eradicate this menace has been waging for so long now, it has only been able to reduce it to a minimal rate; but it is not fully eliminated.