When  said he had to set aside political rivalry between Ibinabo Fiberesima and himself for the good of the Nigerian movie industry many did not understand what he was saying.


In recent interviews, the charismatic actor has revealed that the realization that a gang of Nollywood practitioners have taken advantage of the power struggle in Nollywood to illegally access the sum of three billion naira approved by Former Nigerian President Good Luck Ebele Jonathan for the development of the movie industry; is one of the key reason he and Fiberesima had to reconcile.

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According to Emeka Ike, “there has to be peace before we can have an election and chat a course for the association. I did not have anything about Ibinabo I only had legal issues and we had to come together for the good of the industry .”

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The actor also revealed that many a people are happy the association wan in disunity “look Ibinabo and I fought for the three billion naira approved by President Good Luck Jonathan that is being shared among certain individuals now. I sent no body to any meeting and Ibinabo sent only seven people to some meetings; if you want to know how much was spent and who got what amount you should go to bank of industry to ask. I think the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission(EFCC), has to come into this issue; because there are people who do not peace to return so they can get away with certain things.” Ike concluded