Ayobola Peller, wife to knight life Don, Shina Pellar has cautioned a man who tried to as their eleven years daughter , Naomi for a romantic relationship.

The young man identified as Richardorichy12345 had written to the young singer saying “will you be my love?.” And immediately the mother of the child Abobola Peller immediately reached out cautioning the young man never to try it again “this is her mother, she is an 11 year old child , please do not write such messages here to her again or anywhere else again .

Little Naomi peller recently released her first single “Believe”, through her father social media handle. The proud father wrote the following about her. “I wrote ‘Believe’ to encourage people to believe in themselves and have faith in whatever they do. The message in the song is summed up in my favourite slogan – If You Believe You Will Achieve,” she said.