Popular internet sensation Bobrisky is always try to share some of her secrets to whoever actually cares to listen. Known as the Nigerian male barbie, Bobrisky took to his Instagram page to share 3 tips on how to satisfy a man.

Ladies, get in here as this just might help save your relationship or marriage. Sharing a video of himself cooking, he wrote;

Three thing u should always to satisfy your man.

1) cook ?‍? dis kind of efo riro for him

2) always keep urself beautiful and be submissive.

3) pray for him and always support him. Is not all about him spending in the house always. Once in a while spend little too before u ask him. With all dis some men still cheat? Such men should be named cow ?. But let pray for our own love ? that will love us till death. Bae I know u will see dis ????? come home ? jooor ?