Christians all over the world will celebrate Christmas on 25th December. Christmas is an annual holiday celebration that marks and honours the birth of Jesus Christ.

The season is marked with various activities. It is a season of gift giving, church celebrations and the display of various decorations. As this year’s celebration draws closer, some notable women in the society have revealed to Every Woman how they are going to make the celebration worthwhile.

Barrister Grace Egbagbe, former Director, Marketing, Nigeria Television Authority (NTA), said she would have a quiet celebration with her family. She would at the same time thank God for all he has done for her and also expecting all the good things from Him. “This is the same way I celebrated it last year”, she said.

Lagos being what it is in terms of social activities, a lot is going to take place this season. A frontline Lagos politician and a former Commissioner for Women Affairs, Lagos State, Chief Mrs. Kemi Nelson said she already has a lot of weddings to attend this Christmas. Though they are many, Mrs. Nelson said she would endeavour to attend those ones she is committed to. Apart from this, she and her family will attend a church service on the Christmas day and after that they will come back to stay at home, eat and drink together with her children and friends. Mrs. Nelson recalled that last year, the family celebrated the yuletide the same way.

On the other hand, Kate Henshaw-Nuttal, a notable and respected artist in Nollywood revealed that she and her family will travell to the United Kingdom for the Christmas celebration. There, they will do some shopping and all the families too will sit down on the table and eat all the oyibo food. “It was the same way we celebrated it last year. We ate lots of food and ate the whole day”, she recalled.

While others are waiting for the Christmas day, former first lady of Lagos State, Mrs. Foluke Mudasiru said her Christmas has already started as she has attended and took part in several carol services. She described Christmas as a period of celebration to share together with friends and family. So, as an annual custom, she is organizing a party at her Ikeja GRA residence on 26th December. “We are going to wine, dine and dance together. People will go home with little gifts and all of us are going to be in uniform. We do that yearly and we look forward to it this year. We also hope that this year’s will be better”.

In the same way, Mrs. Folorunsho Alakija, a top Nigerian fashion designer and a socialite is going to have a Christmas party with friends and family at home as they have allways done yearly. ‘We will spend the Christmas in Nigeria where we have to spend it with loved ones and attend all the weddings that are coming up. This is our time where we have our children getting married, so we have to rejoice with our friends whose children have found life partners”. To her, this is also a meeting point for the young ones who are yet to get life partners.

For Mrs. Iretiola Doyle, a television presenter and an actress, this is the period to spend time with her family because it has been all work throughout the year. It is also a period to settle down and thank God for the year, the same way she celebrated the season last year.

While Ireti will be spending time at home with her family, another queen of the screen, Nonye Osi, a presenter on MITV, will sit down at the station doing what she knows best. But while waiting for Christmas, Nonye said she is already celebrating with children who come to the studio to see Father Christmas and the musicians too who come to play at the studio. She compared last year’s Christmas with this year’s, saying: “This year will be better than last year. Last year was tough. This year is better because Lagos is wearing a new look and there are lots of places to take people to this Christmas quite unlike last year.