His discography includes songs like ‘Thief, ole, carry am go’, Odeshi, Na dem sabi, Which levels, and ‘Make dem talk’ (featuring 9ice) among others.
He struck the first cord in our hearts while with the group Trybesmen- the trio of El Dee, Freestyle and himself. His real name is Williams Orioha although you call him 2shotz. He was born in Surulere, Lagos but hails from Abia state.

Today we take a peep into the mind that created that national anthem ‘In case you never know’- the song and video you have voted repeatedly on Your Voted Top 7 Songs and Your Voted Top 7 Videos respectively.

Precisely how long have you been in the Nigeria music industry for?

9-10 years

How has the experience been like?

It’s been good and bad. I think to some extent, now I can say I reap a lot from the fruit I have sown. The harvest is nice but the truth is it still comes with a lot of ups and downs – especially more downs them ups although it’s the downs that actually make you get to the ups. I could say I’m grateful for the downs because it’s what sustains you as an artiste and makes your style of music unique.

So will you say your being in music has paid off?

Oh yes! Maybe not in excessive money but I have a lot of other things that money can’t buy off. I walked late into the embassy today and I didn’t spend up to an hour yet I did all I wanted to. It was the song that did everything. I just kept hearing ‘2shotz, In case you never know! My husband loves your song, my wife loves your song…’

How did you come by the song ‘In case you never know’?

I was working with Terry G on another song on my album. And the day I went to the studio to pick the final mix of a song, while we were burning the CD, Terry was playing around the keyboard and he came up with the beat.

I said I liked the beat and he gave it to me. Then I said, ‘who do you think I can work with on a beat like this’? He said Timmaya So I tried to reach Timmaya.

I sent the beat to him, he liked it and agreed to work with me on the beat. I gave him some time and when he was less busy he came to Lagos and we went to the studio without anything particular in mind.

Before then the beat had gone around a few clubs and for every club I went to with the CD the DJ highjacked the CD for his mix because people really responded to just the beat. That was when I knew that this song was a get song.

Then Timmaya came and we went to the studio, got high and just free styled. Nothing was planned, ,we just expressed ourselves even we didn’t know what we wanted to do.

This is the first time I’m having to write out its lyrics and that’s why its taking me so long because I never wrote it out in the first place. So it was the beat first, artistes’ coming together and then a freestyle.

So you guys knew it was going to blow up…?

I knew it was going to blow up. It was like one of the few times that I didn’t have to push half as much as I usually did on my songs. The song just helped it self and the video too.

How do you know if a song is going to be a hit?

I don’t think there’s a year that has passed since I started music without me dropping a hit. I think that’s a blessing from God.

If I really want to push a song, I sample it with my guys and the response I get will determine what I do.

I do personal screening too. It’s not all artistes that have the ability to guess correctly if song will be a hit. I think it’s a gift just like being able to write songs is another gift.

But even at that you still need to sample peoples opinion. People that won’t be bias with you.

What’s your relationship with Timmaya and how easy was it getting him to work on that project?

Then I didn’t know Timmaya was somebody I had met before. According to him, when he was still upcoming, I was really nice to him. And when he had an opportunity to pay back, he did. We really got tight during the song and since then we’ve been very very close. We call ourselves brothers.

How much did releasing its video few months after the audio help?

It was the audio response that pushed the video out. It (the song) was enjoying popularity, on just radio and so I waited a little bit for air play reduction before pushing the video out so everything looks fresh again. 2shot is an average artiste, I like just being there and its what the song has done for me.

How expensive was the project?

Working with a producer like Terry G and shooting a video directed by Clarence is no mean feat. It got me really broke working.

Going from Terry to Clarence was like going from fry pan to fire although I’m reaping it now.

What is in that song that attracts people?

I don’t know O, my sister! I still ask people that same question like, what do you like about the song’ and I get different opinions every time from attitude to different others.

I just really haven’t gotten what exactly it is. But for me it was the beat that first got me excited. It’s a classic beat. I’ve heard so many re-mix to the hook. People have several versions of it and I think that’s proof that it’s a good song.

Any plans for Christmas?

I don’t have a personal life this Christmas. I have a whole lot of shows, appearances and guest performances. Then this is another beautiful time to push a new song and I’m doing that.

I’m pushing another track from my album although I have a new hit single that I’m not releasing yet. There isn’t even time to chop the money.

Some people think you were bragging in that song, was that the idea?

I don try now. I’ve actually done a lot for this industry that people really don’t recognise. Maybe because I’m a quiet person and so go about things the quiet way.

People brag so let me do mine too. If it wasn’t for 2shotz, a lot of people won’t have the liver to go to Alaba.

A lot of CDs that you see on the streets now will not be on the street without being pirated. Marketers used to be scared of talking to artistes because they didn’t know how to go about it. It’s just enlightenment and I did that.

Then people started calling me to ask how to get marketers there and I tell them.