Once on life’s stormy ocean
Turbulent with splashes of uncertain winds
I look beyond the skies to heaven
Seeking to find a guardian angel
To light my weary way across
Amidst the clouds heavy and raining
With the moon retired to it’s day abode
None hung above for light but one
Like a diamond dot in the dark afar
It’s flickering ray it shown on earth
And all night long it stood to guide
The universal tempest not withstanding
It still could whisper those words in echoes
To put away my fears like ripples
Till the first ray of hope was found
In the early sun ascending
Then this guardian star like wax
Disappeared as if in a fire
After so much a task in the dark
The rainbow at dawn now glorious
To float or founder i now must decide
With my oars in my hands
I stare at that star not there to thank
On life’s ocean blue and beautiful

By Nyore Okiotor