Most tailors have changed their names to designers because of the glamour that comes with it. However, one actor who is never ashamed to be called a tailor is Elikem Kumordzi, whose  story is different.

“Honestly I see nothing wrong being referred to as a tailor. I am proud of it. There are people who have issues with that name but I actually enjoy it. Though I have people who help me in my line of work, I do sit behind the machine to sew and I design as well,” he said.

Kumordzie and his wife Pokello few months ago welcomed their first bouncing baby girl. The former Big Brother housemates who tied the knot June last year after three years of dating . He still wants more kids ““At first I wanted just 2. But now I think I will push for 5 or maybe 6. You know what they say about children being a blessing from God. And having siblings you can relate to is just amazing. I know because I have like 8 …”