This is what I call stupidity of the highest level. How can two women be caught fighting over a man to the extent they had to empty kettle of boiled water on each other.

Both women, Biliki 32 and Muyibat, 29 both live in the same resident in Yaba. Muyibat lives in the house with her husband and three children while Biliki moved in after been separated from her husband.

Their problem started when Muyibat, mother of 3, heard that Biliki told neighbors she once dated her husband and even aborted for him.

This has angered Muyibat who claims Biliki was trying to destroy her marriage, and as if that was not enough, she also claims Biliki was often picking quarrels and looking for trouble unnecessarily.

On what resulted to the hot water attack, Muyibat had this to say: “my child was crying and Biliki’s younger brother, Ahmed, came out and shouted at him and I cautioned him. His sister then picked up a quarrel with me and started raining curses on me. I did not talk because I was observing a fast.

While she was abusing me, I sneezed and said, ‘Ausubillahi minashaitani rojeem’ (God, deliver me from the devil).” She thought I was referring to her and queried me for calling her a devil.

Afterwards, I removed the water I was boiling and put it on the table. She (Biliki) held my head from behind and poured the hot water on me. Her younger brother slammed a plastic paint on my head, while she drew my hair.”

Meanwhile, Biliki’s side of the story was completely different. She had this to say : “Her child had come to play with my baby when she called him back. When the child didn’t heed her call, she hit him and the child started crying.

Another child passing through the passageway was also crying that particular time. My younger brother asked the other boy to stop crying and Muyibat abused my brother. I told him not to reply her, and then she started insulting me. We fought and our neighbors came to separate us. I was backing her when somebody suddenly shouted, ‘hot water’ as I turned back with my hands raised, she emptied a kettle of hot water on me. Because my hands were raised when she attacked me, a little of the water splashed on her.”