Cyber bullying has been going on for a while now; celebrities are often bullied by some individuals who portray themselves as fans.

Initially, most celebrities do not retaliate, as they let it sly, probably trying to maintain a clean slate with their fans.

Sadly enough, the bullying began to intensify and it was beginning to play out like these celebrities silence were taken for granted.

Now celebrities no longer condole unruly and insulting behaviors from fans, anyone who comes for them gets it hot in return.

However, Ace comedian,Ali Baba is serving a warning notice to any bully who plans to come his way.

He wrote: “these days, I don’t wait for people to extend their negativity my way before I blank them out of my space. Anytime I am drawn to a platform and I see that certain people there are just on hyper negative highway, I open their profile and block them. That way, they don’t have a reason to extend the favor my way. I am dealing with so many issues to come and add negative vibes that I won’t dance to.”